Please shout out to LDR Fighter because they have been great keeping the relationship go! Yup, today I am going to tell you guys about how to maintain relationship, especially for long distance romantic relationship. Anw… What is long distance romantic relationship? Based on what I have researched, LDRR is a relationship which geographic distance limits daily physical togetherness between couple and prevent them from being with each other as much as they would like (Pistole & Roberts, 2011).

In my opinion, the long distance relations fighters are very tough because they have to survive with the distance gap and different time which not every couple could get through of it. But, in this digital era, distance gap can be solved by the existence of technology and internet. Social media and chatting application such as Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram helps a lot in maintaining the long distance relationship going. Because according to Pap et al (2014) Social networking sites and chatting application play an increasingly important role in maintaining relationship. Because of the existence of technology and internet which lead the appearance of many social media and chatting application, the distance gap that the LDR couple live, feels narrower.

No need to give wordy explanation about it, let’s move on to the tips! These few tips are based on my personal experience and I want to share it to all my LDR fighter fellow, especially for the beginner fighter.

1. Make and capture memories together, and share it!

Every time I go back to my country or he visits me, we always discuss and make list what things that we wanna do or what places that we wanna go together. For example, we make to-do-list to go to beach, amusement park, see a concert, have dinner date, visit tourism attraction, and so on. But, we did not forget to capture our moment together or take selfies as much as we want and after that we share it to social media. Or, I also use one of the pictures to be my profile picture in my chatting application. Why we always do that? Because we want to share to our follower the affection that we have, and shows them that we have great time together. This also supported by Utz & Beukeboom (2011) that social media provides opportunities for public to displays affection that they have.

2. Virtual dinner date.

What is virtual dinner date? You might think I am crazy or even pathetic but I have virtual dinner date with my boyfriend once a week. This tip works for us! Because the distance gap, we know that we cannot have dinner date like the other usual couple. And we still want to have dinner date even we are seperate by distance and time. So, we just integrate face to face and online communication which bot of us get greater relational closeness experience (Caughlin & Sharabi, 2013). What we do is, we go to restaurant in different country, and we literally sit an order meal while we look at each other, and yup! We eat together and have small talks through video call.

3. Video call everyday!

From the first time I study abroad, I told to my boyfriend to video call every day. Because I believe that face to face communication is one of the most important thing to keep the relationship going and this is one of the things that can make satisfaction for both of us. Because relationship maintenance involves processes that not only sustain the relationship but also ensure relationship satisfaction (Dindia & Canary, 1993). So, we always video call every at 10 pm Melbourne time and every 6 pm Jakarta time. We made agreement about it since the first time we were doing LDR.

Those are my tips on how to maintain LDR my own version, please comment on the boc below if you have another tips on maintaining LDR. Don’t forget to view my LDR tips video here!


Keep survive, LDR Figther! Yuhuuuu!



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